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*Melt Away* is our exclusive and most “Aggressive” approach to melting tension away. Combining the three most effective modalities, offered at JP's Massage, for tension relieve (Hot Stones, Cupping and Deep Tissue Sculpting) into a 2hr session, makes this approach highly effective. The Heat of the stones kindly softens the tissue, allowing the cups to be even more effective at melting that chronic tension away and extinguishing trigger points; to then go with deep tissue sculpting for any stubborn knots. Finishing up with those warm river stones for a perfect, relaxing and nurturing 2 hour massage! 






Melt Away

Therapist:  Andres G.

Tariff:   2hrs $250

Booking online: Available


Melt Away


3  (120min) sessions:  $720

6  (120min) sessions:  $1410

12 (120min) sessions:  $2760



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