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THANK YOU Boston's Frontline Healthcare Workers 

Love for our Medical Personal.png

Most of our Frontline Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare Personal are Risking their lives, are doing 8+ hrs shifts and are under A LOT OF STRESS AND PRESSURE... for over 60 CONSECUTIVE DAYS... AND COUNTING!

This is where we can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE for them!


JPs Massage has a Started a Fundraiser so that we can provide BOSTON'S FRONTLINE WORKERS a Free 60min Massage for their heroic work during the long and frightening fight against COVID-19.

To help deliver the most massages possible, JPs Massage will provide ALL Massages at a discounted price (37% OFF). Here is a breakdown of how many massages Your Donation will provide:

Every $1 will provide 1.2 minutes of massages, or:

                                      $50=   1  (60min massage)

                                      $100=  2  (60min Massages)

                                      $200=  4  (60min Massages)

                                      $500=  10 (60min Massages)

                                      $1000= 20 (60min Massages)



We hope to raise $25,000 so that we can provide at least 500  60min Free Massages to the Frontline Healthcare Workers in Boston.

Thank you all for your time and SUPPORT. I am sure that all the Frontline Healthcare Workers will appreciate this Noble and Much-Needed Gift.




PS: Once we hit $500, GOFUNDME will match the $500. That is 10 FREE Massages for our Boston's Frontline Workers!

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