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💆‍♀️Ever Wanted To Learn How To Give Your Partner Or Friends Amazing Massages In The Comfort Of Your Own Home (Or Get Them To Learn How To Give Them To You? 😂)

Now that we are finding ourselves more at home, lets use this time to learn one more way to take good care of ourselves. In our Online Massage Classes You will learn so many techniques which will help a loved one at home to relax and just feel better.

𝗤: What will we be covering in the live video lessons?


💆‍♀️Correct hand positioning

💆‍♀️How to use your thumbs so they don’t get tired

💆‍♀️How to position your body and use correct mechanics so you don’t get tired or sore

💆‍♀️What kind of lotion or oil to use

💆‍♀️Techniques for the head, neck, shoulders

💆‍♀️Techniques for the back

💆‍♀️Techniques for the hands, arms, abdomen and chest

💆‍♀️Techniques for the legs, feet, and lower body



𝗤: How much will it cost?


💆‍♀️Each class will be $19.99 and there currently more than 5

different classes.


𝗤: What if I miss a session?


💆‍♀️The workshops will be recorded and they will be sent to all attendees in case a session is missed - as well as to review later.


𝗤: What will be needed to attend?


💆‍♀️A computer or phone to stream the workshops through Zoom. Attendees can choose to hide their video or show it in order to get feedback from me on any techniques.

💆‍♀️A partner, oil or lotion, and a bed or somewhere to lay your partner flat.



𝗤: When does it start and how do I register?


💆‍♀️Classes take place on Saturdays at 8pm Eastern Time.

💆‍♀️To register for the session just click the register button below and we will send you the Zoom link before 12 hours before the session.

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