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Expecting a baby is usually joyful, but, let’s face it, it’s also stressful. A woman changes dramatically physically, emotionally, and mentally, and some of these changes are uncomfortable. Prenatal massage uses techniques designed specifically to address pregnancy’s challenges. Several research studies suggest that pregnancy massage may help to:


  • Encourage relaxation

  • Help alleviate muscle and joint pain

  • Improve breathing and digestion

  • Improve mom and baby’s health by reducing the negative impacts of stress on both

  • Help mom feel more at home and in touch with herself and her baby

  • Contribute to easier, shorter labors

  • And it feels so good!



After giving birth, postpartum massage therapy can help abdominal recovery, reduce the strain of baby care on mom’s body, support satisfying breast feeding, and nurture mom and her family. Moms who are massaged tend to more quickly and fully touch their babies in loving, nurturing ways, and that leads to a more peaceful world for us all. (Article: Can More Touching Lead to Less Violence in Our Society?)





Pregnancy Massage

Therapist:  Andres Gutierrez

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60minsFees:       $105                       $120


                    Members           Non-Members


+ Plus 1 free Add-on
+ Plus 1 free Add-on

90minsFees:       $155                       $169


                    Members           Non-Members


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Massage Packs


Prenatal Massages

60mins Sessions


3 (60min) sessions: $345

6 (60min) sessions: $660

9 (60min) sessions:$945



Prenatal Massage

90mins Sessions


3 (90min) sessions: $492

6 (90min) sessions: $954

9 (90min) sessions:$1386



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