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Therapist:  Non Available


  • 30 Minute Session $40

  • 60 Minute Session $70

  • 90 Minute $100



Reiki is a Japanese system of energy healing which promotes health and wellbeing through the laying on of hands.  The term 'Reiki’ can be translated as “universal life energy”.  During a session, the practitioner becomes a conduit for this energy, infusing it into the body and energy field of their client.  Reiki works by opening up blockages in the natural flow of energy thus unlocking and bolstering the body’s own vast intelligence and healing capacity. 


Reiki can be used to address issues both physical and mental/emotional, as well as to manage pain and promote stress reduction, deep relaxation and feelings of balance, wellbeing and calm.  Because it works by supporting and strengthening the vital energy and healing capacity of the person receiving Reiki, it can be potentially beneficial in alleviating a huge variety of emotional and physical ailments.  It is also enjoyed by many who are already quite well, in order to promote centering and contentment, as well as to gain body awareness and emotional ease.  Some of the issues it is commonly used to address are pain, fatigue and lethargy, injury recovery, anxiety, cancer, fibromyalgia, sleep problems.


The Reiki energy is inherently balancing and will tend to flow to the places it is needed most.  Each session can be further individualized based on the feedback of the client and the intuition of the practitioner.

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