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Andrew Lucies

Andrew Lucies is an experienced massage therapist who is engaged in multiple approaches to manual therapy, including many modalities and encompassing relaxation massage, therapeutic bodywork and myofascial release.  From an early age he has been keenly interested in biology and health, as well as holistic philosophies of wellness. 


Andy has an open and easygoing disposition, which make him a natural fit in the field of massage therapy. 


Andy brings a passionate curiosity to the practice of therapeutic, myofascial and relaxation styles of massage.  Individually, these approaches can be of great value in helping a client with whatever they would like to achieve, whether that’s less pain, greater functionality, or simply improved general health and mood.  However, what Andy is the most enthusiastic about is the combination of these approaches, tailored to the needs of each individual client.  In fact, therapeutic massage can be quite relaxing, and relaxation massage in itself is highly therapeutic!  Clients who come in for relaxation massages often experience a marked improvement in specific painful and tense areas in their body, even though those areas were not specifically addressed therapeutically.  This is because deep relaxation triggers a healing response in the body that is greatly rejuvenating both physiologically and emotionally.  Andy combines relaxation massage with scientifically informed swedish and fascial techniques to target specific areas you would like to work on. In this way he can achieve more lasting and profound changes than through a therapeutic approach alone.  


Andy believes that an individualized, client centered approach is essential to getting the most out of massage therapy.  He is thrilled to be at JP’s Massage Therapy Center, and to begin working with the wonderful community of Jamaica Plain.

Mark Selden

Mark helps you reach your optimal goals to perform with more agility and less pain. He will help you get to the finish line with success.


He is skilled in massage therapy. Mark has more than 3 years of experience as a licensed professional massage therapist.


His special modalities involve sports massage, deep tissue, and therapeutic massage.


Mark is successful in integrating sports massage therapy into a well-balanced training program that works alongside your individual sport. He puts his sights on the goal to do more than just cheer on his clients to a big win. He gears the use of sports massage therapy toward every kind of athlete, from the occasional runner to winning professionals in an effort to prevent injury or to help in recovery and healing from a sports injury.


He rushes in to areas of the client’s body that have been stressed or overused from repetitive movement to improve endurance and promote flexibility. Clients enjoy a better range of motion and less sore muscles after sports massage therapy sessions with Mark.


Mark knows when it’s necessary to get to the root of the issue with deep tissue massage which focuses on the deepest layer of muscle tissues, tendons, and the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints, called fascia. 


He uses his knowledge and hands-on experience to enrich the lives of his clients, whether they just want to feel less sore after a workout or run the course to go on for the big win at a professional level. Mark knows how to properly integrate the use of therapeutic massage to create a better quality of life for his clients.


Call or book online today to score an appointment with Mark Lerner.

Andres Gutierrez

Andres is so committed to bringing the vast benefits from the wide array of massage modalities to all that he founded JP’s Massage, located in Jamaica Plain, MA within the Greater Boston metropolitan area. His mission is to provide relaxing and therapeutic massage through the use of numerous techniques customizing each treatment to the individual client while making all the therapeutic and relaxing aspects of massage available to more than just an elite select.


With more than 7 years professional experience as a licensed massage therapist, Andres holds a Manual Therapy Certification. He is adept in the world of massage therapy. His massage experience includes Therapeutic massage, relaxation, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Massage Cupping and Orthopedic Massage Cupping.


Andres understands that massage is an amazing work of art that can be used for relaxation or to reduce the effects of chronic pain and bring healing to injuries. Either way, Andres believes massage therapy enriches the lives of everyone who seeks its benefits.


He goes beyond the surface of just treating symptoms and gets to the root of what is causing the problem through the use of myofascial release therapy. The fascia is the protective tissue that surrounds the bones, muscles, and joints that spread uninterrupted throughout the body in a sort of three-dimensional web, from head to foot. Andres takes his time to focus one-on-one with each individual to accurately assess the needs before he begins.


When appropriate, Andres successfully uses the ancient Chinese art of cupping in massage for healing by creating suction and negative pressure to drain excess fluids and toxins, to bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin, stimulate the peripheral nervous system, loosen adhesions, reduce inflammation, work with connective tissue, and deep-down stubborn knots in soft tissue.


Andres Gutierrez is available to work with you to assess which massage modality is best for you. Call or book an appointment with Andres Gutierrez online today, and allow him to introduce you to the world of relaxation and relief through massage.

JP's Massage

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