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High Quality massage: Two years of training, over 5 years of experience and constant Continuing Education classes give our head massage therapist the tools and experience to provide you with one of the best massages that you can get. 

Commitment to Wellness: Besides of providing top notch bodywork, our commitment doesn't end there. We also provide our clients and the community with other tools for them to achieve wellness, such us: a list of other great bodywork professionals and access to wellness articles.

Massage Accessibility: At JP´s Massage we want to make sure that great bodywork is financially accessible to most people. That´s why we have such affordable rates for our multi-session packs as well as for our single sessions. You can also apply those great prices towards gift certificates. 

Why the JP´s Massage?

Experts believe that as much as 90 percent or more of all diseases are stress-related in one form or another. We believe that tackling stress before it gets the best of you is the best preventative answer to good health, and massage therapy is the most relaxing way to relieve stress.


It’s time to find relief. JP’s Massage believes that it’s time to trade in carrying the weight of the world for relaxing therapeutic massage. The daily stresses of living, work, or performing athletically all put strain on the body.  We aim to make massage therapy accessible to as many people as possible.


We keep our prices affordable without cutting quality therapy table time. With the most affordable services in the area, our mission is to bring all the benefits of Massage therapy to everyone in the Greater Boston area and beyond. We currently serve the Greater Boston area including Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Roxbury, West Roxbury and Hyde Park.


JP’s Massage is here to provide professional and courteous service through a variety of selections of treatments. Our center offers your choice of massage therapists who specialize in their own form of treatment.


We specialize in therapeutic massage, sometimes called Muscular therapy but also provide relaxation massage, deep tissue, cupping massage and lymphatic drainage as well as other massage modalities.


Founded in September of 2010, the JP´s Massage Therapy Center was born out of the desire of making financially accessible the benefits of massage. Owner Andres Gutierrez, is also a licensed Massage Therapist (MT) and is ready to work with you to address your individual massage therapy needs.


We enhance the quality of our massage by using only 100% organic oils and 100% organic sheets that contain no colorants and are hypo allergenic washed only in detergent from natural extracts that are environmentally friendly.


Our licensed massage therapists are skilled professionals who provide a deeply soothing, systematic muscle manipulation, work with fascia and joints to stimulate lymphatic drainage, assist in assimilation, relaxation, circulation and elimination with a holistic approach.


Our therapists focus on what needs attention. Do you have low back pain or loss of range of motion? Are you looking to enhance your immunity especially during cold and flu seasons? Maybe you’re sore after a workout or want to feel less anxious or depressed. Do you want to relieve migraine pain or release endorphins into your system to promote your body’s natural painkiller? Whatever you need, we are here to help.


Our therapists work with each client to customize their massage sessions. The professional therapist will integrate a selection of effective approaches to achieve success for each individual client. One client may be looking for a sports massage, another for Myofascial release or manual traction. Still another may need neuromuscular attention, cupping, or deep tissue massage.


Our therapists work with a wide range of clients’ needs. We help some find relief from general muscle tension, others resolve pain from a number of medical conditions such as chronic pain, and there are those who find massage therapeutic with all the relaxation benefits that accompany the sessions. We work to promote physical relaxation and overall health.


Our clients find that after a massage session, they are less anxious or fatigued, their concentration is improved, they feel more energetic with better circulation, and they even sleep better.


After one visit, clients begin to form a relationship with their massage therapist to get the most out of their sessions to benefit them in the areas they seek relief.


JP’s provides a unique and effective integrative approach to massage. We frequently hear from clients that their pain or injuries were resolved quickly. We also offer gift certificates which are always welcomed as a luxurious present.


Massage therapy is not just for a select few. It offers something for everyone.

Our aim is to promote more than just a relaxing massage session. We hope professional massage therapy will become part of your routine self-care option.


Call today to make an appointment, or book online. Then stop by at 408 South Huntington Ave in Jamaica Plain, MA. In the meantime, take a look around our site to get to know us better.

About us:

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